Saturday, March 14, 2015

Green with Envy?

Are you green with envy or are you green with pride? This St. Patrick’s day, you can be a little bit of both! Envious of these green accessories (so you won’t get pinched) and proud that you can possibly call it yours. Here at Winky Designs, we are always on board for sassy and functional fashion. You can see some of our quirky fashion favorites below!

Grape Green Slap Watch
As featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, our slap watches are a crowd favorite. Great for the beach and summertime, they come in a variety of colors AND are waterproof!  How could you not be “slap happy” with these colorful watches?

Winky Designs, LLC 
Mint Chocolate Sweet Dreams Watch
From this snazzy collection, our gemstone wrap watches will be sure to be the best addition to your outfit! The gold brings out the warmth in any skin tone along with our real African Turquoise gemstones giving it an earthy feel. I love wearing this watch with a flowing Maxi dress like the one pictured here:

Forever 21/Winky Designs, LLC

And why not pair all of these unique gifts with what this holiday means to a majority of people? Green beer! Bottoms up! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

7 Must Have Fun Accessories For Fall

Here in Vegas, we’re dreaming of scarves, knit beanies and knee high boots as we gear up for fall sweater weather (even though it’s still 100+ degrees!). We've just about abandoned our strict summer workout regimen in favor of sweet sweet pies and cupcakes because hey, who’s gonna see the emerging gut underneath a cozy sweater and scarf! Being the eagle-eye for all things cute and awesome, we've rounded up some of our favorite fall accessories that we've been eyeing just in time for fall festivities and lovely cups of cocoa by the fireplace…and Halloween! Omg, Halloween is right around the corner- where has the year gone!

1. Unicorn Laptop Sleeve- $39.99- Mod Cloth Unicorns are magical all year round!
2. Star Charms for the Hair- $10.00- Charmsies Fall is the perfect time to stargaze so bring a few of those shooting stars down to earth with these adorable hair charms.
3. I <3 Pasta Tote- $19.99- Mod Cloth We mean, who doesn't love pasta?!
4. Temporary Jewelry Tattoos- $22.00- Flash Tat Keep the hot summer trend rocking into autumn with fun jewelry looks.
5. Doggy Hoodie Sweater- $24- Burger and Friends Your furbabies get cold too. Treat 'em right with this totally awesome hoodie!
6. Knee High Socks- $14- Happy Socks Better to have some adorably cute knee socks on instead of your old holey crew socks when you pull off those knee high boots...just sayin'.
7. Ice Cream Cone Beanie- $28- Neff You're as sweet as you are sassy so show it off with a yummy treat perched upon your head. Makes the perfect combo when paired with a Winky Designs Wraps of Life scarf ;)